The City House of Culture in Reda (name’s Fabryka Kultury – Culture Factory) is a public institution of culture which act locally.

According to the Statute the Culture Factory in Reda (CF) implements the tasks of creating and dissemination of various fields of art and culture, events, promoting art., culture and tourism.

CF statutory objectives provide development of amateur art and folk actions.
It supports activities of folk, music, dance and theater groups, organize cultural and educational events, entertainment and cultural education.

CF implements its statutory objectives by cooperating with local government, educational institutions, cultural institutions and associations as well as non-governmental organizations.

CF activity in the new building include also major educational events, competitions and shows, among others, festivals, board games (regular board games every month), reviews of theater and poetry competitions.
In City Reda there are also non-governmental organizations uniting a large group of residents that several times a year organize exhibitions and / or art. projects. CF provide space for their results.